Choose a modern alternative to tiles

British Engineering to Australian Compliance

Manufactured in the UK, Spapanel is compliant to both Australian and New Zealand Building Codes.

Create beautiful spaces with Spapanel waterproof bathroom wall panels, the luxurious and modern way to decorate your bathroom. Our beautiful wall panel collections come in a range of sizes and finishes, including marble, stone and wood offering a range of design possibilities to suit bathrooms of all shapes and sizes.

Hydrolock®, our unique tongue and groove installation system, makes it possible to join panels together without the need for profiles to create a smooth, almost seamless expanse of waterproof walls which will stay pristine for years to come.

Why Spapanel?

Quick and easy installation

Completely waterproof - no mouldy grout

Easy cleaning - just wipe down

Almost seamless joint with Hydrolock

30 year warranty

Can be installed over old tiles

The Spapanel Collections


Curated by a leading UK interior designer and exclusive to Spapanel, this designer collection is inspired by materials from the natural world with marble, granite and wood finished that look and feel like the real thing.


The Classic Collection is our largest collection and contains a range of designs to suit any bathroom. Think gloss, natural stone, precious stone and marble.


Reminiscent of painted walls with a smooth eggshell finish, this collection is designed to pair perfectly with our Designer, Heritage and Classic Collections.


A contemporary collection of elegant cool, relaxed colours with wood textile and gloss finished. The subtle colour harmonies of the Heritage Collection will help you to create a style that exudes calm and serenity.


Spapanel is 4x faster to install than traditional tiling and can be installed in just 1-day. The rest of the bathroom is then fully completed by the end of the week, allowing you to have your bathroom back significantly faster. One product, One trade. Spapanel is a 3-in-1 product and solution, that requires one trade to install. Less people on the jobsite with less mess. Unlike tiles, Spapanel comes with a warranty. An impressive 30 year product warranty!

One day install

Unlike normal tiles which require installation over a number of days to allow for adhesive and grout drying, Spapanel can be installed and used witin few hours.

100% grout-free

Fed up with your grout dis-colouring, growing mould or shrinking and cracking? With Spapanel all these issues are gone for ever.

Can be installed directly onto framework.

Minimal strucuture and wall preperation is required before installing Spapanel, making install not only easy, but fast!

Minimal on-going maintenance.

Spapanel requires only a micro-fibre cloth, warm water and a non-abrasive mild detergent. Scouring pads and harsh cleaning products are not required.

Reduces risk of remedial costs.

Grout after 12-18 months can need re-grouting. Spapanel has no grout to maintain and the laminate finish requires only a gentle clean.

Compliant to both Australian and New Zealand building codes.

Independantly Appraised by BRANZ to confirm compliance to Building Code AS 3740

Large selection of styles

Spapanel collections come in a range of sizes and finishes, including marble, stone and wood, offering you a range of design possibilities.

Up to 25% cheaper than tiling.

Faster install means lower tradesman costs for install and and lower ongoing ​maintenance costs.

4x faster than tiling.

Tried and tested against a tile install, Spapanel is 4x faster. Allowing you to start and finish a job in just one day and not having to return to complete in multiple stages several over days.

No Joining Strips with Hydrolock®

Spapanel is manufactured with our precisely engineered Hydrolock® edge detail to create an extremely tight, waterproof  and aesthetically pleasing finish, removing the need for traditional joint strips or "H-joints". Tested by BRANZ using 3000 wetting and drying cycles in a spray chamber to confirm that the Hydrolock® joint remains water resistant for a minimum of 30 years.

We created Hydrolock® to enhance the visual impact of our wall panels. Precisely engineered, the Hydrolock® edge allows panels to be joined together, without the use of mid-joints, to create a smooth, almost seamless expanse of waterproof walls.  With an industry leading 6mm tolerance Hydrolock® panels are easy to install and produce a great finish every time.

Hydrolock® panels are available in a range of widths for ease of installation;
2400 x 598 mm, 2400 x 900 mm, 2400 x 1200 mm
The Hydrolock® joint reduces the finished face by 18mm. i.e. 2400mm x1200mm becomes 2600 x1182mm. Straight edge panels are also available.

Helping to protect our forests for the future

Quality, performance and environmental responsibility are values we strongly uphold to ensure our products meet the high standards we set, not only for our customers but for our environment too.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is recognised through our Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C128180) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) chain of custody certifications. This ensures the timber we use originates from responsibly managed forests and our finished products comply with globally recognised ecological, social and economic standards These certifications and accreditations form part of a rolling programme of environmental and sustainability initiatives within our manufacturing processes and our design approach including:

  • Reducing energy in transportation by sourcing materials made in the UK.
  • Recycling 99% of post-production waste into biomass materials and other products - reducing landfill and contributing to the circular economy.
  • Ensuring 100% of our panels are recyclable.
  • Manufacturing in the UK to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Offering a 30-year warranty giving you peace of mind your bathroom will stand the test of time.

Spapanel complies with Australian, New Zealand and European Standards. BRANZ Appraised to confirm suitability for the building code of Australia BCA and New Zealand building code NZBC. Includes BRANZ assessment of our techincal literature, quality control, installation, service performance and maintenance.