FAQs about Spapanel Wall Lining

Where is Spapanel manufactured and is it compliant to the Australian Building Code?

Spapanel has been manufactured in the UK under strict quality controls and checks for over 20 years. In 2015 Spapanel was independantly tested and appraised by Branz in New Zealand to confirm its compliance as an Alternative Waterproof Wall Lining Solution to Australian Building Code AS 3470 and New Zealand code NZBC 3470. For full details download and view our Branz Appraisal.

Where and how do I Buy Spapanel?

For larger projects and for best pricing you can purchase directly from the UK. Minimum order quantity is 60 panels (can be mixed colours). Lead time is approximately 10 weeks.

For smaller projects and for faster delivery times you may be able to purchase from our Sydney reseller. 

Please use our Contact Us Form to send us your requirements and details.

Can I use wall panels for floors or ceilings?

It is not recommended to use Spapanel on the ceiling as they may be too heavy or on the floor as it is not slip resistant.

Can wall panels be applied directly to tiles?

Yes, provided they are sound, then Spapanel is suitable for covering old bathroom tiles.

Can Spapanel wall panels be applied to Villaboard or direct onto timber or metal studs?

Yes, Spapanel can be installed directly onto all of these and many other substrates. Installating directly onto timber or metal framework cuts down on both install time and material costs. Plus, there is no need to apply full-height waterproofing. These have all been appraised by Branz NZ

What warranty does Spapanel have?

Spapanel comes with a 30-year product warranty

Who must install Spapanel, do I require a specialist installer or can a general tradie or even myself install it?

Any competent tradie or homeowner can install Spapanel. Professional Carpenters are best suited and those used to working with laminated timber panels.